Energy Trade
International Energy trade mainly based on the import and distribution of chemical products. Domestic energy trade includes distribution of gasoline, diesel, and chemical products. Procurement of goods from a global perspective to meet the needs of domestic energy consumption customers.
Oil and gas exploitation
Providing Oil and Gas development engineering construction and technical services, business areas cover geochemical exploration, drilled wells, test logging, downhole special operation, Engineering building design, construction and related oil and gas development technology research, development, and services. To create a complete industrial chain of oil and gas development engineering integration.
Energy Internet
Connecting the Energy Industry chain with the Internet, gathering energy industry including Production, Distribution, Retails, Logistic, Finance, Marketing, Meeting and Training etc. Creating Comprehensive Service for the Energy Industry.
Supply chain services
Integration of internet, massive of data, internet of things, storage and finance as the core. To get through the petrochemical supply chain of the business flow, Logistics, information flow, capital flow, supporting the production and the purchase and sale of the enterprise at a lower cost. carry out business operations with higher efficiency to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Industrial Park operation
Integration of Energy and Petrochemicals, Coal, steel, ore and other industrial resources, united industries, and cooperation with reginal government to build the energy industrial area. In the area’s company provide discount area, chain of finance services, trading platform, marketing, and training services.
Our partners
Seeking common ground while reserving differences, mutual benefit, coordination, innovation, harmony and symbiosis
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